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Making an all natural pink corn tortilla for Breast Cancer Awareness with the Susan G Komen Foundation

Posted by Kyle Offutt on

Making an all natural pink corn tortilla for Breast Cancer Awareness with the Susan G Komen Foundation

While getting corn last year we came across something amazing that even we were surprised to see. Pink Corn. Immediately a light bulb went off and we had a vision. We have already been giving a portion of our sales back to the Tarahumara tribe, but with this we could branch out and help another cause close to so many people. This pink corn could make a beautiful tortilla and with our process we could make it even more nutritious.

We reached out to survivors and got their opinion. This can be a serious topic and we wanted to do it right. Our main concern was what we were told as "pink washing" or making something pink in order to just spread awareness. Many felt like this wasn't enough which is why our product was perfect. Along with awareness, we also need to do education on how important our health choices are and how they can help prevent diseases like breast cancer. The pink tortillas are a perfect example of this. Most people are unaware that 99% of tortillas are made with an instant mix called maseca that is filled with chemicals and preservatives. It is simply mixed with water. We use real corn, cook it over night, and stone grind it. This time intensive process is necessary for quality tortilla.

Along with the process the ingredients are important as well. Corn, water, lime and beet juice are the only things that we use. The corn we use is better than the normal yellow or white that you will consume. It has more protein, antioxidants with cancer fighting agents, has complex carbs instead of simple, and a lower glycemic index. There are many ingredients like this that we should look into deeper. If we can make something like a taco a healthy option, then there isn't much we shouldn't be able to do the same with. We formed a partnership with the Susan G Komen foundation and have pledged to give a portion of our sales to the Kansas & Missouri chapter. Over the last year we have perfected the recipe to make a colorful tortilla that holds together. This tortilla will only be available during the month of October. 

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