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Blue Corn - Blue corn is our signature ingredient. We source the corn from Chihuahua Mexico. It is an heirloom seed that is non GMO certified. Blue corn was our first choice as a brand because of its health benefits. The blue pigment has contains the same antioxidants that come from blueberries. These antioxidants have powerful cancer fighting agents and anti inflammatory properties. It also has 20% more protein than traditional yellow or white corn. This means that they fill you up faster! Blue corn gives you complex carbs that digest in your body over time, giving you sustained natural energy over several hours. 

Pink Corn - Yes the pink is real and 100% natural. It is a cross breed between white and red corn and is one of the newest innovations. This corn is packed with even more nutrients than our blue corn. 

White Corn - The only downside to blue and pink corn is the cost. It is nearly 3 times as expensive as yellow or white corn. We still wanted to provide a quality tortilla made with real non GMO corn at a lower price. This was our solution. It may not have the long list of health benefits but they taste WAY better than other store bought tortillas.  

Beet Juice - our beet juice is organic like the rest of our ingredients. It is used to enhance the color of our pink tortillas in a natural way. While doing this you also get some added health benefits. Improved blood flow, detoxifying the liver, increased stamina, prevention against anemia, iron deficiency and cancer are among a large list. 


Water - One of the most important essentials of life...water


All of our products are naturally non GMO, gluten free, and vegan friendly without having to sacrifice taste.