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Our Process

Our corn is an heirloom seed imported from the mountains of Chihuahua Mexico. Then once we receive the corn we cook it over night in water and lime.

This makes the outer shell of the corn peal. Doing this makes the corn digestible and was one of the biggest ancient discoveries in food that was able to feed the largest amount of people. After being cooked the corn is washed.

From there it is feed through a stone grinder and made into a dough that is called masa. 

Masa can be used for a variety of Hispanic dishes. It can be formed into many different shapes and sizes. Other notable foods such as tamales use masa. 

Once the masa is made it is mixed and formed.

For us, we shape the dough into circles and put it through our oven that cooks them into the tortillas that you enjoy!

After being cooked they continue on a cooling rack and then are packaged by hand and sent out for delivery.

This process takes over 24 hours to complete and is much more labor intensive than what most other factories do. Almost all other factories wont even have actual corn in their facilities. Most corn tortillas are made with an instant mix called maseca that is filled with chemicals and preservatives.

We go the extra mile using better ingredients that are natural and healthy and make them using intensive traditional methods. The result is a vibrant and beautiful tortilla with a superior taste.